Throughout our project the information from other great blogs/sites out there has helped us so much, this is one of the main reasons i choose to write this blog. Here is a list of sites we’ve found particularly useful/inspiring/worthwhile/cool. I’ll obviously keep updating this, and would to hear about any other resources other people have found useful.


Westacre – A eco-renovation project on a 1930s detached house by @HildeWestacre

The Yellow House – “1930s ex-council house into our environmental dream home”

GreenCottage – An eco renovation project on a 2 up/2 down terrace by @solar_bud

Open Energy Monitor – monitoring PV production

EcoTerrace – A newcastle project on a Victorian terrace

Hockerton Housing – A successful co-housing project outside Nottingham

ShrinkThatFootprint  – A great blog with useful articles on subjects from lifestyle to climate change stats with a fantastic self-decription of “squeezing more life out of less carbon”


Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) – More information on everything eco than you can shake a stick at.

Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB)

Energy Saving Trust (EST)

Low Impact Living Initiative LILI –  Huge amount of info.

YouGen – Another fantastic sources for all things renewable by Cathy Debenham. Also a great location for reputable installers/contractors.

BedZED – Eco housing development in London by the @BioRegional charity

Sheffield Solar Farm – Through voluntary submission, SSF manage a Database of micro-generation and provide insight into the network’s data


Green Building Forum – Fantastic forum, with lots of amateurs and experts.

Companies I would recommend

One Planet Solar – NE England PV installation company in a league of their own. (my review on YouGen)

The Oak Floor Company – A talented local company who laid our wooden floor, of which we are very fond.


Sustainability Without the Hot Air – Renewables overview with extremely accessible & detailed approach by David MacKay available as a PDF

Eco-renovation: The Ecological Home Improvement Guide – “the book” on eco-renovation by Edward Harland (ISBN-13: 978-1870098526)

Low Energy Building Database (LEBd) from @ACEB –  Provides almost 200 case studies of retrofit projects.


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